Preview of the white truffle season: live with the world

World premiere of the season of white truffles and noble Italian truffles; live from Rome on Wednesday 13 October directly from the Cia Auditorium on all social profiles and live for the Marche Region with the broadcaster Tele2000

“We will be in Rome to tell about a wealthy, enveloping and extraordinary heritage that is that of the white truffle harvest.

Difficult but exhilarating moments, moments of waiting; but the prince of the kitchen and king of the table again this year, and with viral expectations we will reveal to the world where the royal Pepita will be extracted by the master quarryman and keeper of the forest!

The great nugget of 2021 that we will then give to a world personality who deserves.


Great starred characters in Italy and in the world, the institutions that put their face to it, the master quarryman, the chef and the storytelling.

But the great protagonist will be his majesty the truffle with its perfumes, with its 5 senses that are solicited in every part of our mind and heart, to tell us all the mystery of the forest, its shadows and the night.

The mystery, therefore, the reality of the great Italian cuisine, the magic and miracle of perpetuating nature.


Even the great world of wine will be the undisputed protagonist because next to a wonderful nectar you always need the nectar of Bacchus: from a humble spore a diamond is born from a grape a brilliant nectar.