Some interesting curiosities about the truffle that perhaps not everyone knows

by Rita Roselli

We know that Italy is often chosen by tourists as a holiday destination also for its excellent cuisine; in fact, in recent years, one of the tourist trends that is spreading is precisely that of the food and wine tour , which sees the wineries increasingly equipped to welcome guests as protagonists. One of the most popular specialties in our kitchen is truffles : an ingredient that can easily adapt to the combination with the most disparate dishes. The truffle is versatile, excellent if tasted with not too aromatic wines that would cover the flavor and with a not too high degree of acidity; the truffle is often accompanied with first courses such as egg tagliatelle, or with risottos and sauces.

The quarrymen, who search for truffles with the help of trained dogs, are the guardians of our territory because they respect the ecosystem and work in close contact with nature without ever contaminating it. The true connoisseurs of this fruit of the earth, which unfortunately is becoming more and more a rarity over time, perhaps they will already know all the details, but for new enthusiasts and the most curious we see 5 curiosities related to truffles.

5 curiosities about the truffle

  1. The truffle is mainly made of water , it is born and thrives next to the roots of hazelnuts, hornbeams, limes or poplars.
  2. Truffles are underground mushrooms that grow in symbiosis with the roots of certain tree species. Their cultivation requires commitment and patience as well as the right soil: they prefer very calcareous soils, well ventilated and free from water stagnation. It is also important to carefully evaluate the exposure, the altitude, the amount of precipitation and the value of temperatures during the various seasons.
  3. When we buy a black summer truffle let’s not forget to observe it inside, if it is white it means that it is not ripe and therefore not yet ready to be eaten, the right color must be darker.
  4. Taking a step back in time, there are testimonies that suggest that the truffle was already known at the time of the ancient Egyptians . In fact, it seems that the pharaoh Cheops had dishes based on this food prepared for visiting foreign ambassadors.
  5. When you decide to search for truffles, it is good to respect some rules , also regulated by a law in Italy, such as: dig only in the precise point indicated by the dog, trying to damage the roots of the surrounding trees as little as possible, and cover the hole with the earth removed earlier. By respecting a few simple rules, the environment is safeguarded and the regrowth of the truffle is favored.
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