The creative chef and truffle master Massimo Bomprezzo anticipates the summer truffle season and gives us a high-class academic recipe, the result of his experience and his cultural style

THE ingredients for 4 people

  • Fresh noodles 500g
  • Celery carrot leek clean 100g
  • Extra virgin olive oil 120g
  • Seared borlotti beans 150g
  • Peeled tomatoes 100g
  • Bacon and rolled bacon 100g
  • Grana Padano from Prati Stabili Selection from hay 40g
  • Salt and pepper
  • Thyme and bay leaf to taste
  • Summer scorzone 40g
  • Chilli pepper
  • Vegetable broth


Chop the aromatic elements with the bacon and pancetta. Brown a bay leaf and chilli pepper in a saucepan with oil. Add the peeled tomatoes and adjust the flavor. Extend with vegetable broth. Cook for a few minutes and add the pre-cooked beans. Cook for about thirty minutes, adding the thyme and broth if necessary. Cook the noodles in abundant salted water. Drain them al dente and toss them in a pan with the sauce until they are creamy. Serve the truffle and plentiful Grana Padano dei Prati Stabili on a plate.

2 min 2 yrs

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