It clearly emerges that the future of agriculture lies largely in truffle farming and, the Truffle Academy in the world adds, in Tartuf-eno-tourism.

Talks with the territories: the Marche Region with the Vice President and Councilor for Agriculture Mirco Carloni made a stop in Sant’Angelo in Vado, presenting the opportunities of the truffle planet .

It clearly emerged that the future of agriculture lies largely in truffle farming and we at the Italian Academy of Truffles add, in Tartuf-eno-tourism . Two fascinating concepts that start from the protection of the forest, from the defense of the environment and from the integrity of the territories.


Truffle farming is the answer to the growing shortage of natural truffle fields and the presence of truffles all year round on our tables. 

The truffle supply chain in the Marche and the food districts was presented at the truffle growing center of Sant’Angelo in Vado.

The goal is to transform agricultural production sites into places of sensory hospitality, which today for us is called Tartuf-eno-turismo , with the strong message: “adopt a downy oak and become the keeper of the forest” collect your truffle and take it to a restaurant, with the chef preparing lunch while we can safely go and enjoy a glass in the middle of the rows.

The truffle-wine-tourism is the direct emanation of truffle farming, which produces economy in the territories that generate it.

The tartuf-eno-tourism is an open-air tourism, which welcomes children and adults; and adopting a downy oak represents a gesture of love towards the child, who has a plant to protect and towards his parents who, with the quarrying of the truffle that comes from the mycorrhized downy oak, can taste an excellent tagliatella at a restaurant.

 The figure of the quarryman and the chef, together with that of the winemaker and the customer create a gentlemen agreement in order to create the freest, tastiest and most useful tourism to the environment known. a union of trust between quarrymen and families, who want to discover the forest, the countryside, the uncontaminated environments of truffles and the cuisine of truffles, together with a polite glass of wine.

We are convinced that the hinterland is relaunching with a calm, kind and family-sized tourism, and these are all the basic components of truffle-wine-tourism.

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