Giuseppe Cristini, director of the Accademia del Tartufo nel Mondo, tells us about his favorite dish, a dish that certainly cannot be missing in his Christmas, but also in ours.

I believe that in my Christmas menu or alternatively for New Year’s, if there is a dish that cannot be missing; it is certainly a nice tagliolino thirty egg yolks with a nice creaming of stable Prati Grana Padano and malga butter, with the fine black truffle well laminated and copied.

This is my favorite dish; a dish certainly aristocratic but not too expensive, a dish of this season, given that the precious white

A nice creamy tagliolini with a nice yellow color, rich in the creaming of my soft, sweet and refined Grana Padano.


The help of a parmesan from the stable meadows accentuates the creaminess that we all want, the butter with that sweetness content and a nice flake and grated black truffle embellish my dish of perfection.

I will find a high and noble chromaticity and aromaticity, capable of offering a gustatory and emotional sensorial value to the whole gastronomic preparation.

We can prepare a dish like this at home or go directly to our trusted restaurateur. In any case it is always a great and delicious elixir moment dedicated to ourselves.

You ask me, which wine to pair with: certainly the most beautiful sparkling wine you have in your cellar.

Good tasting.

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