The relaunch of villages in a green key: a new opportunity for women and young people

After celebrating the 60th anniversary of her birth in Turin, Aidda, the Association of Entrepreneurs Women Business Managers, Host Organization Women20 Italia 2021, continues its journey on the theme of economic and sustainable transition started in Turin with the collaboration of the Italian Delegation of the W20 , on the occasion of the Italian presidency of the G20. The appointment, organized by the Umbria Delegation of Aidda, “Regenerating life: let’s start from the villages. Models of sustainable well-being ”, is scheduled for Saturday 12 June at the Urban Truffle Academy in Scheggino, in the province of Perugia. To welcome everything an excellent hostess: Olga Urbani, of Urbani Tartufi, world leader for truffles and mushrooms.

Giving value to lesser Italy
“In this current context, marked by the pandemic that has aggravated situations of inequality and gender equality and yet at the same time, is representing a powerful accelerator of changes – says the national president of Aidda, Antonella Giachetti – we believe that the role of the villages and inland areas must be reconsidered today, so that the potential of these territories can be expressed by contributing to the restart of a system that, through a digital and green transformation and a contextual recovery of cultural, humanistic and tradition aspects of the country, can create a new “well-being” of people, a new quality of life by restarting sustainable, equitable and inclusive territorial activities and prosperity that can aspire to hit many of the targets of the UN 2030 Agenda. cultural and tourist heritage also through the villages and rural areas in the center of the Pnrr, I know stressing that in this operation the involvement of civil society (private entities, citizens and communities) in cooperation with public actors will be of fundamental importance ».
Aim towards greater female and youth work inclusion
Aidda with the event, which can be followed live online on the association’s social channels, wants to make its contribution in terms of ideas and experience and collect and develop possible operational strategies capable of achieving the rapid development of new social and entrepreneurial models and cultural activities with the aim of restarting activities, work and territorial prosperity, also with a greater inclusion of women and young people.

The meeting, opened at 9:30 am by the national president Aidda Giachetti and Tiziana Tombesi, national vice president of Aidda, will be greeted by the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility Enrico Giovannini, the President of the Umbria Region Donatella Tesei. The introductory reports are by Aidda’s national president Antonella Giachetti and by the Chair of Women20 (W20), Linda Laura Sabbadini.

Focus on infrastructures and technological innovation
In the first morning session entitled, Infrastructures and Technological Innovation and moderated by the president of the Aidda Umbria delegation, Francesca R. Cassano, Andrea Falessi director of external relations Open Fiber, Pierluigi Stefanini President of ASviS (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development), Marco Frey Scuola Superiore S will speak. Anna, Franco Cotana University of Perugia, member of the Scientific Committee G20 Environment (Ministry of Ecological Transition), Giovanna Melandri President of the Human Foundation. In the second session of the morning, dedicated to the topic of Financing and moderated by Janina Landau, a Class-Cnbc journalist, Paola Agabiti, Councilor for European Planning, Budget, Tourism, Culture – Umbria Region, Andrea Casini Head of Corporate Italy of UniCredit, will speak. Nunzio Tartaglia, Head of the Cdp Business Division.
Sustainability at the center
In the afternoon from 2 pm the first panel entitled, La Grande Bellezza becomes sustainable, will be moderated by the President of the AIDDA Sicily Delegation, Ornella Laneri, and speeches by Alessandra Priante Executive Director Europe of UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) Lorenza Bonaccorsi Political Advisor to the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, Ottavia Ricci Consultant for sustainability in tourism and villages, Mirko Lalli CEO The Data Appeal Company.

Following, in the second panel of the afternoon moderated by the IoDonna journalist Paola Centomo, Sabrina Lucatelli, Director of “Rehabiting Italy”, Grazia Francescato environmentalist, Elena Militello, President of the South Working Association, and Martina Rogato, Sherpa Women20 Italia will intervene.
Plastic-free event
To offset the environmental impact of the event, Aidda – in collaboration with the Municipality of Scheggino, with the Urbani Tartufi company and with the Scheggino Attiva association with its president Massimo Zamponi, will plant some plants in a new area of public green, called Bosco diffuso della Sostenibilità. Paper communication flyers will not be printed. The event will be plastic-free.


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