From the words of Pino Crestini we understand perfectly how much care and how much training is needed around the preparation of the dog and what skill is needed to raise a special dog in search of truffles.
Pino Crestini is a master breeder of truffle dogs, he works on selections of working breeds such as the lagotto and the cross between bracco and pointer which are the most suitable breeds in the search for truffles.
For forty years he himself has produced a natural selection of the breed, diminishing the instinct of the animal and increasing the instinct towards the truffle.
We need powerful dogs ready for an impressive amount of daily work, dogs even reach 25 kg in weight and have a lot of gas to spend


In the breeding and training of truffle dogs there are 3 levels of dog preparation: the first is that of a newly bred puppy who is trained to search for truffles, the second level is reached with a great amount of work and training in the woods; the third level is the most difficult to reach and there are few experts in Italy who are capable, as it really requires so much work.
A third level dog, out of ten truffles that can be truffled in the area in a particular area of ​​the wood, brings back at least seven or eight, a second level dog can find four or five, the first level dog gets two or three .
The commitment, adds Maestro Pino Crestini, is daily and it takes a lot of constancy.
A dog must and can only grow with work, with training and a lot of work.

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