Truffleland can change the world of agriculture profitably and ethically

Francesco Loreti Urbani, of Urbani Tartufi, tells us how Truffleland can be a turning point for the world of agriculture, with one eye on earnings and one on ethics.


«After 5 years we collect the first winter black truffles with an exponential growth up to the 10th year. Between the tenth and the fifteenth year we will have the maximum peak and, considering the duration of production for 35 years, we will have an average harvest of 30 kg per hectare, with average prices from 300 euros per kilo up to 600 euros. A profitable business to live in contact with nature.
With Truffleland we create a natural and harmonious environment. “

“We feel ourselves architects of nature and for me this is the most beautiful place in the world”, Francesco concludes: “showing all his love for truffle growing.”