Undersecretary for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies Gian Marco Centinaio received this morning at the ministry Giuseppe Cristini, founder of the Truffle Academy in the world and director of the magazine of the same name. At the center of the meeting are the opportunities and projects that will focus on one of the Made in Italy agri-food products of excellence.

Among the projects, a professional register of truffle quarrymen

“The truffle is rightly considered the king of the table and can be one of our ambassadors in the world – highlighted Centinaio – Among the projects we want to carry out is the establishment of a professional register of truffle quarrymen (with the search and the quarrying that could enter Unesco), a figure who in our country represents a guardian of the forest, a defender of nature, who can be a guide, a narrator of a territory and thus also give a further boost to food and wine tourism that it rests on the pillars of quality and respect for nature, which make the difference between our truffles and those of other countries. To protect our wealth we will also work on agreements with restaurateurs ».

There are many opportunities for the supply chain

«The Italian truffle – added Cristini – has many opportunities in front of it: environmental, cultural and food and wine. A path that we hope will materialize in the Dop Tartufo Italia. Finally at the ministry we have found a paladin of taste and a standard bearer of Made in Italy ».

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