With the arrival of spring the world awakens and this new magazine also presents itself to the world with an international appearance.
A new logo, a new graphics, a new layout, but the primary objectives remain such and solid; the certainty that everything starts from Mother Earth, which then expresses the truffle that nourishes the world.
A new style that through the truffle expresses the Italian perfection of the table and aims to relaunch the restaurant and the pleasure of returning to lunch and dinner away from home, manifesting an Italian identity.

The truffle always lives between mystery and reality between magic and cuisine. But it is above all its mysterious charm that we want to tell through the great events and major manifestations.
An Italian truffle that speaks to the world, a truffle narrated in all its edible types that we find in a supply chain ready to take off.
There are many reasons that push us to an international qualitative leap and to tell the secrets of truffles to the whole world with a click.
A magazine with an international profile that is certainly more scientific, but without denying the narrative and gastronomic aspect.
A truffle academy in the world that communicates with all institutions: many partners that I thank for sharing and authority are with us. We want to be a beacon, a reference, a light that illuminates the truffle.
From this issue the magazine will also be translated into English and will have its own international path, but also on social networks we will have a strong and targeted impact where we will update you weekly with news, stories and surveys.
As the Director in charge, I feel all the responsibility of an obligation that honors me and urges me to always give my best, to be more and more positive, proactive and current each time.

With pleasure and honor we greet and appreciate the appointment of the new Undersecretary for Agricultural Policies Gian Marco Centinaio, who with the attribution of the delegation to truffles and wine, will be able to relate to the whole sector and above all with our Academy.

In our cover we wanted to interpret the value of Mother Earth Italy who knows how to tell Italy in the world. In this issue we have included three special moments that follow one another in an exciting fil rouge.
Let’s start from Scheggino, a charming Umbrian town, home of truffles and headquarters of Urbani Tartufi, the most famous truffle company in the world and where everything originates.
The direct line with the Ministry continues and an interview with Dr. Francesco Saverio Abate with whom we have signed a good taste pact for the promotion of Italian truffles in the world.
All to taste the special Grana Padano dedicated to Latteria San Pietro and the meeting with the President Stefano Pezzini, a very authoritative and innovative character in the panorama of the most representative Italian dairy DOP in Italy and abroad. And then we celebrate the embrace between Alba and Sant’Angelo in Vado, which meet not only thanks to the truffle but also to two Saints.
Prestigious as always the classic columns testifying to the Alba truffle study center signed by the President Antonio Degiacomi and that of the Truffle Cities signed by the Director Antonella Brancadoro; up to the amiable conversation with the well-known chef from the Marche region Fabio Trabocchi, directly from the States, where our correspondent Giuseppe Rosati frames the future of stars and stripes.
But what is most pleasing is the new entry of a very appreciated guest: the maestro Angelo Valentini.
A noble gentleman, an artist, a poet rich in culture but above all in experience; a man who loves his land. A character with style, elegance and refinement, but above all a great friend with whom I shared enlightening experiences.
I feel richer today to have a friend like Angelo Valentini with me in this academic world path of truffles.

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