Four national super-events in just over a month. And now head to Dubai

At Accademia del Tartufo nel Mondo, we feel like champions of taste, sentinels of quality, standard bearers of made in Italy and custodians of Italic beauty.

In just over a month, we have sailed Italy from north to south: from Piedmont to the Marche, from Lazio to Puglia and we will not stop here.

A daily commitment, constant study and innate values ​​that come from research and the desire to always give new answers and new identities.

The culture of the truffle has its charm only if it is filled with contents and strong skills that raise cultural and sensorial values, capable of filling those gaps still present but offering ideas for improvement.

Everything is possible if you have a strong cultural identity, such as to look beyond, to discover new territories dedicated to His Majesty.

The academic commitment never stops, the culture of the truffle must be manifested throughout Italy and throughout a lot. I do it because I feel that we have a duty, which is to make people love the forest, nature, cuisine and our restaurant: not only the starred, but also the small hillside trattorias. The Italian truffle grows in all regions, we find it in all seasons and therefore all year round. The Italian truffle is the best in the world.

The truffle is multifaceted, versatile and capable of satisfying all palates.


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