Umbria, truffles and the memories of Augusto Tocci

Our first approach, about truffles, with the region of Umbria, is linked to the television activity with Raiuno’s “Green Line”.
Umbria was already famous for its truffles and Norcia was the undisputed capital of the “prized black” and here, always the last weekend of February, the ancient national exhibition was celebrated, known all over the world, which could not be neglected by national television.

Augusto Tocci at “Prova del Cuoco”

The media collaboration with the city of San Benedetto allowed us to get to know and become very close friends with a long series of mayors who followed one another, as usually happens: Angelini, Stefanelli, Naticchioni and then the others. In this very important city we presented our book “Truffle the perfume of pleasure” and, again here, every year a precious magazine “Umbria of flavors” was published with which we constantly collaborated with articles related to the product and those of the forest. generally.
In Norcia important conferences were held on this subject of which we were the creators and participants and then the most important was the International Congress of Spoleto where, as a scientific institute, we really presented many and many contributions published in the proceedings of the conference itself.

Augusto Tocci with the chef Alessia Uccellini

But if Norcia was the capital of that truffle that was even called and is called “prized black of Norcia”, moving slightly towards the north of the region, the notoriety of Umbria could also be seen with regard to white truffles: that of Gubbio and that of Città di Castello in the middle of the Tiber Valley.
It was therefore a continuous collaboration also with colleagues from the University of Perugia so that together it was possible to give the press a scientific work for the evaluation of mycorrhized plants.
Umbria is also the territory of the Urbani family, the most important for the processing and trade of the product, known all over the world and, especially with the owner Paolo, we constantly exchanged views and opinions.