You eat the insects: I don’t eat the larvae, the crickets and the grasshoppers. I prefer a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

I feel a certain disgust accustomed to the preciousness of Mother Earth Italy to hear that the European Union legalizes insects and flour. The European Union authorizes the placing on the market of the dried grubs of the miller Tenebrio (Tenebrio molitor), a beetle better known as a mealworm, as food for humans.
I have always tasted a fragrant Prosciutto di Carpegna dop, a tasty flake of Grana Padano, two fried eggs with fresh seasonal truffles.

I respect everything but to us Italians who boast the beauty of 314 Dop and Igp, thousands of traditional agricultural products, Slow Food Presidia in every land of Italy and thousands of grandmother’s recipes, which are the flower and pride of our agriculture custodians and of the environment that the universal and healthy gastronomic culture taught us. This interests me and I want to defend this for us and for future generations.

The Italians have no need for this stupid European gimmick.

The Brussels bureaucrats know nothing of our noble agri-food heritage and this stupid gimmick offends the Italian people.

Because in our beautiful Italy from Valle d’Aosta with an extraordinary Fontina to Modica with its precious chocolate, we don’t need anything else.

You can live daily with a slice of fresh or bruschetta bread or a poor pappa col pomodoro, supported by a gentle or imperial drizzle of extra virgin olive oil that we all love.

I am not interested in this insectivorous proposal from Europe; we love the right, the beautiful, the good and the natural. This interests me and I want to defend this for us and for future generations.

We think rather of the food waste that occurs every day in the world, we aim for the use of all food, also for the enhancement of poor productions.

If we do not waste, we do not create waste and therefore we do not produce pollution! In this way we truly ethically and economically safeguard our planet and its inhabitants.

I’m not there: European bureaucrats eat the insects yourself.

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