Investing in the truffle culture to love the territory

Francesco Loreti Urbani, lives in his Scheggino and in this charming Umbrian country, he created the Truffleland. A truffle growing project where it produces 100,000 truffle seedlings a year.

A magical Umbria where the truffle is present all year round and where the Urbani family, while investing all over the world, has returned to create culture in agriculture.
Francesco tells us that investing in truffles produces income and a healthy economy.


«Our family boasts at least 80 hectares of black winter truffles and 35 hectares of summer truffles.
A certified and mycorrhized plant, it guarantees the production of truffles from five to thirty-five years, with very satisfactory economic results ».

“And then”, continues Francesco, “the search for truffles with the dog brings happiness, together with a great ethical component that allows us to revive an agriculture that we want to make ever more sustainable”.


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