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The supply chain pact was celebrated in recent days at the Ministry of Agriculture. The institutions that come together to truly launch the Italian truffle in the world.

The Ministry that puts strength, virality, international promotion into it; the Truffle Academy in the world with its cultural and journalistic grace and with its authoritative and expeditious air will make him love and will tell it both in Italy and in the world, narrating it as a mysterious and beautiful world.

The Italian Federation of Chefs is the world ambassador of this elixir of life, this aphrodisiac food and this food for dreamers; and he will laminate and grate it copiously, recalling in Italy the clamor of a wealthy and curious tourism.

There is no culture of the truffle, there is no journalism dedicated to him, but from today A.T.M. is quickly filling this gap and also the Ministry and Undersecretary Centinaio feel the commitment to promote the Italian truffle in Italy and in the world is alive.

There is no idea in catering to be able to use it 11 months a year. Today with the presence of Fic and its President Pozzulo and the strong national commitment, even this taboo is being dropped.

The world of truffles needs credibility that is earned through work, study, profession and skills gained in the field.

Always be wary of braggart, careless people and cheap sellers.
The truffle is a food for dreamers and needs narration and credibility, strong skills and deep knowledge from the forest to the table. The truffle must be treated in white gloves and envelops all 5 senses plus one, which is passion!

We must know the truffle from every perspective and from here to the next Expo Dubai we must launch the halo of the truffle, as a luxury food, but a democratic luxury ready to fascinate the world.

There is no place for improvisers in the world of truffles who often do more damage than bismethylthiomethane. Many fill their mouths because it’s cool, but then they call it a precious tuber instead of a noble underground mushroom.

The three-way pact between the Ministry, the F.IC. and A.T.M, focuses quickly on three directions: Promotion, Training and Events and Media. The three subjects will tell and promote the story of the Truffle in the kitchen and at the table, in Italy and in the world.

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