Cristini brings the truffle to Polignano and a competition between hotel institutes is born

An agreement between the Accademia del Tartufo nel Mondo and the Polignano hotel institute gives rise to the first regional competition between hotel institutes in Puglia: the aim is to combine seafood dishes with truffles

Galeotto was the literary festival “The book possible” where Giuseppe Cristini as author and Giuseppe L’Abbate as interviewer presented “One out of a thousand how to do it alone” Cristini’s editorial effort that looks in the face of young people, entrepreneurs and all those who love to throw their hearts over the obstacle, to tell a different and truer Italian identity, which wants to speak a new and far-sighted language to the world.

The truffle envelops Polignano with perfumes and gives rise to an anticipated cultural and educational project on the occasion of the Possible Book festival.
The truffle that marries the preciousness of the sea; lead to the birth of the first regional competition between hotel institutions in Puglia that combine the elegance of seafood with the refinement of Italian truffles all year round.
This is an agreement born in collaboration between the Truffle Academy in the world, the Hotel Institute of Polignano with the mediation of the honorable Giuseppe L’Abbate: Polignanese Doc who will baptize this project and who expressed himself in this way: to bring the truffle to new combinations so far little or no explored. Thus was born the project of a competition that can experiment the union between the Apulian seafaring cuisine and the fragrant and precious mushroom. The protagonists will be the young chefs of the hotel institutes of Puglia in collaboration with the Italian chefs association.

The world of schools and in particular hotel establishments are focusing on the future of Italian cuisine, built with a fertile mind and a spirit of application, combined with the right skills that arise from academic entities of strong impact

It is an annual project that looks to the future to become a national model where behind every recipe of the young hoteliers, there will be numerous restaurants that will put this fish and truffle menu on the menu for an international appeal even out of season, for a wealthy and talented audience.

Polignano a Mare is a dream land where three elements characterize this city: the wild beauty and rich in history, a city emerged from the sea made of caves, coves and the wonderful blue sea, as sang Domenico Modugno who was born here .
Then the human and polite hospitality: educated and prepared people to welcome the client-tourist and therefore the pure and authentic seafood cuisine made above all of raw seafood, rare and pure, where I discovered the sea asparagus that are crunchy and of a unique flavor.
1000 projects are possible for this city, ready to take off because everyone wants to experience Polignano.

Starting from young people and from the school directly from the kitchens of a hotel institute, you can tell the world and its beauty through a dish of Italian perfection.