Joined by Giuseppe Cristini, director of the Academy of Truffles in the World, Francesco Loreti Urbani explains his idea of ​​truffle and truffle cultivation.

«From a simple seed, a plant is born that we mycorrhize and that we place in a calcareous, draining and sunny soil and then we indicate the production and cultivation process and then collect the truffles produced by these plants during their life. A unique relationship in the world that we establish with our truffle farmer. We give birth to truffles where there is none.


Unfortunately, we have a smaller production in a growing market and the only way is to use truffle cultivation as an asset for agriculture, exploiting poor and secondary soils to create a main agriculture which is that of winter truffles. Francesco Loreti Urbani, who represents the fourth family generation, is sure of it: Truffleland is the future of truffles in all the Italian regions that have a vocation for truffles. An investment in agriculture especially for young people. “

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