A new governance for the Italian truffle

After the preview of the white truffle season, held in Rome on October 13, the need emerged for a set of principles and rules to convey a prestigious product such as the truffle at an international level.

Whoever makes high and noble information and is responsible for the official magazine of the Italian truffle must communicate and narrate it to the world.

It must fly high, neglect the smallness of the country and provincialism, and take care of the important projects, as well as those that emerged during the summit of the World premiere of the white truffle season.

In this summit the idea of ​​conveying the truffle towards a prestigious and international governance emerged strongly. A noble, competent and impartial governance that carries out at least three years of planning, indicates the rules and deals with the promotion and image of the Italian truffle and major events.


But above all, frame the future paths of protection and defense of the Italian truffle for the benefit of an Italian restaurant in the world that is currently hungry for Italian truffles.

But of a truffle that is narrated, laminated and grated with style and refinement, which is truly the result of an elegant gesture in a context of absolute Italian hospitality.

Because those who love truffles love Italy, where through a great dish based on truffles all year round we are able to tell the beauty of an Italian heritage that unites people, refines the palate, graces the heart and satisfies the mind.

The world tour of the truffle has started: we will travel to Italy and Europe to Dubai to convey the greatest information, communication and promotion of the Italian truffle in the world ever made.

And as my friend Marco Stabile says: truffles for everyone and everyone for truffles.