After Rome, Sant’Angelo in Vado and Monforte d’Alba; the truffle culture moves to Polignano a Mare

After Rome with the world premiere of the white truffle, Sant’Angelo in Vado which celebrated the Pioneers of the truffle and Monforte d’Alba where we invested the College of Truffle Wise Men; this Italian preciousness that I wish to narrate moves to Polignano a mare. In this wonderful land of Puglia the first big competition between hotel institutes was born, which brings together the truffle and the catch of this beautiful sea. The experiences of the young chefs come together and a cultural proposal made of creativity in the kitchen is presented, between two giants of Italian gastronomy, Italian fish and truffles.

A seaside town that embraces the hinterland and the charm of the woods. Where the downy oak meets seafood, the combination of fish and truffles becomes magical and the resourcefulness of young people joins forces in an aspect of contention and growth. With this competition we want to launch a high and noble message both as an academic and as a narration of the truffle that identifies Italian cuisine always in step with the times and in the modernity of new trends. A technical jury and a journalistic jury will announce the winning dish. A new world opens up for the winning students and a great moment of cultural and sensorial study is planned: a study trip to discover the origin of the truffle at the historic company of Scheggino in Umbria, Urbani Tartufi to better understand the sensorial and environmental value. and cuisine that the Italian truffle can show to the world.