Olga Urbani: “The truffle is a miracle of nature and we are ready to celebrate our 170 years of history”

Olga Urbani, joined in Scheggino by Giuseppe Cristini, truffle narrator and director of the Academy of the Truffle in the World, takes stock of the year 2021 and presents the prospects for the year to come.

«We certainly expect better prospects compared to 2021 which was a bit sad year. The recovery after the covid was underway and everyone wanted truffles, with requests from all over the world, but unfortunately the season was very severe and due to the drought, the truffles were not found, they were very few and very expensive and when they are very expensive they are not never makes a good impression on the customer.

In 2021 we achieved great success with our products, increasingly cutting-edge and we got even closer to a world of natural sustainability. The prospects for 2022 are full of ideas: 2022 is the Year of the Heart for us; the Urbani company turns one hundred and seventy years of life and it is a great goal that we hope will also see a season full of truffles and a more generous year; and with our 170 years behind it it will be a year of novelty ».

Olga also shows all her satisfaction for the Unesco recognition for truffle hunting and quarrying and whispers “what’s more beautiful than a dog that smells the scent of truffles and grates the earth to be able to pull it out, all this is a miracle of nature, a miracle in black and white. Unesco gave us a great gift and we celebrated this milestone, and now the future can be a little easier ».

Finally, a message to the whole world of truffles: «the truffle is a beautiful world to be told without ever forgetting its origins; and a wish for the new year cannot be missing for all fans, with a wish: taste the truffle because the truffle always enriches our tables ».