Let’s go back to traditional agriculture and to grow centuries-old oaks

The Master Truffle Quarrier and Keeper of the Wood Pino Crestini di Sestino, joined by Giuseppe Cristini, narrator of the Truffle, intervenes on the topic of truffle hunting and quarrying.

“The future of the truffle lies in the planting of new plants that can develop the mycelium”.

For Pino the quarrying of the truffle is at risk, because there is no replacement; in fact, the modernization of agriculture requires ever more powerful mechanical means that damage the land and the truffle fields are getting older.


The centuries-old oaks no longer exist and the Unesco recognition must lead to discussing how truffles are saved: the only answer is through the planting of new plants in Italian lands.

The truffle fields must be constantly renewed with new seedlings that can develop the mycelium in clean soils, as it is very difficult to renew in an already existing forest.

Unfortunately, Pino tells us, the white truffle in Italy, if we do not develop truffle farming, it will soon disappear.

Cultural care in the fields with the planting of poplars and willows no longer exists, because agriculture is much less respectful than in the past.