His Majesty the truffle, the TV format of Giuseppe Cristini: on air today the January episode

His majesty the truffle between mystery and reality between magic and cuisine. This is the name of the new format broadcast on Sky. Under the direction of Agrisapori and the skilful presentation of Giuseppe Cristini, the truffle is told on the small screen.

The Italian truffle restarts from the television image, gets a makeover and presents the TV format. His majesty the truffle between mystery and reality between magic and cuisine.
The January episode airs from today and is broadcast by Agrisapori on over 120 Italian televisions, on the sky platform and in streaming.

This month’s episode is completely filmed in the province of Mantua, starting from Goito and exactly from Latteria San Pietro, which produces the nobility of Grana Padano in various versions including that of Grana from the stable meadows of the Mincio, where cows graze freely. .

Grana Padano is a great friend of truffles and is told in its integrity of the supply chain by the President of the Latteria San Pietro Stefano Pezzini.
The entire production process is certified and controlled and is shown in its entirety: from the arrival of the milk, to the curd, up to the preparation of the wheel and its use in the kitchen.

And then Paola Pigozzi enters the scene, an expert cook and owner of the Eliodoro farmhouse in Roverbella, who in the versatility of Grana dei prati stable, presents four dishes based on Grana and truffles from appetizer to dessert.

Then, the gestures and the white-gloved narration of the truffle cannot be missing, from the lamellate to the grated, a ceremonial to be discovered.
Three types of truffles that are served: the fine white, the Norcia black and the hooked truffle, which are expertly and generously placed on perfect gastronomic preparations; an enchanting poem of flavors that TV can expertly tell.